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This tutorial, "Getting Started with Blackboard" is intended to introduce the learner to Blackboard. Students and faculty new to distance education would benefit from this orientation to online learning. There are two tracks: one for students and one for instructors. When the tutorial opens, the learner is presented with these two options and needs to decide which role fits him/her best.

First, the student track showcases the navigation of an online course in Blackboard. Palm Beach State College has a standard course design that is used by all online courses. While instructors may make minor changes to accommodate their specific course content, this tutorial presents the main course features that a student will most likely encounter, all from a general perspective. These features include the course home page (My Dashboard), the course content area (Lessons), Course Mail, My Grades, Online Tutoring, and Student Resources.

Secondly, the instructor track also presents the navigation of an online course but from an instructor's perspective. This will allow instructors new to Blackboard the opportunity to learn about the learning management system prior to taking a workshop with an eLearning Faculty Trainer. The instructor track of the tutorial presents the main areas of an online course, such as the Course Menu, Content Area and Control Panel, as well as specific tools such as Edit Mode and Student View that alter the way the online course is viewed.

It is hoped that once the learner completes the selected track he/she will be able to easily navigate around Blackboard and feel comfortable working in the learning environment.

Getting Started
with Blackboard

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  • Two Tracks:
    • Student
    • Instructor
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  • April 13, 2014

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